Passing the Cue

It’s a new era here at the South West Snooker Academy website, where the cue has been passed, to make a pun on the word. In other places, I may have said that the baton has been passed, but cue seemed appropriate here. Anyway, I have a lot of new ideas for things that I want to cover here, and thought I’d let you know that right up front.

Now, I do like snooker – and no – for those of you who think that snooker is the same as pool, it isn’t. It’s just that I want to explore some additional interests and hope you will indulge me. In the meantime, I figure you are a bit curious as to the difference between snooker and pool since I brought it up, and so here is a brief video to help you understand! This one talks about the difference between the balls and the cues. See? Now you are ready for that next conversation with the know-it-all who says they’re the same.